The Understanding the Early Years projects in the Niagara region of Ontario have been completed. However, the reports, communiqués, presentations and information on activities are still available. To explore this site, simply select an area of interest from the tabs above and then click on the page you'd like to see!

Understanding the Early Years (UEY) is a national initiative, funded by Human Resources and Social Development Canada. For further information please visit www.hrsdc.gc.ca.

UEY enables communities across Canada to better understand the needs of their young children and families so that they can determine the best programs and services to meet those needs.

UEY also works to promote collaboration and the sharing of expertise, in and among communities, and provides a foundation on which to increase understanding. By communicating findings to a wide audience, UEY encourages dialogue and contributes to the pool of local, provincial and national knowledge.

Any community's response must consider its own unique features. Sharing local knowledge gathered provides information in clear and compelling ways. Valuable lessons are learned about needs and strengths with respect to early learning and development. Discussions about how to interpret and use the information, as well as other local knowledge follow.

As understanding increases, community members determine how they will work together to improve children's outcomes. The evidence-based information can also be particularly powerful in convincing decision-makers of a need in the community with respect to children, as well as for local service delivery and professional development planning.

UEY shares data and contributes to work on a variety of community initiatives. By building on prior knowledge and the work of community partners, we do our part in helping Niagara do the very it best it can for its youngest citizens, their families, and the people who support them.

This site focuses on two UEY projects:

  • Niagara Falls , which began in 2001 and finished in 2007, and;
  • Niagara Region, which began in 2005 and ended in August 2008.

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Understanding the Early Years (UEY) is a national initiative, funded by Human Resources and Social Development Canada. For further information please visit www.hrsdc.gc.ca